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Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
In stock 
Y2 Series of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor, developed with new techniques, are renewed and upgrading products based on Y series motors Y2 Series Three Phase Induction Motors are designed and manufactures into totally enclosed self-fan-cooled motors with squirrel cage rotors. This series...
Group: Generators three-phase
Three phase alternator
In stock 
Three phase alternator STC series generators are to be used in town, countryside, worksites, mountain and pasture as electric power source for lighting purpose, it can also he used as reserved power source for emergent case using. The generators are of dripproof with rotary field type and adopt...
Group: Generators three-phase
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产品牌号:FCo 化学成份(%):Co>99.3 物理性能 粒度(目): -200、-300 松装密度(g/cm3):0.8~2.0 (其它物理性能可以根据客户要求生产) 外观:呈灰色或青灰色,颗粒为不规则状。 包装:真空包装袋包装,外纸箱或铁桶。或根据客户要求包装成批。 用途:粉末冶金、含高温合金、磁性材料、磨擦材料、金刚石工具等。
Group: Cobalt
Synthetic Diamond Powders
In stock 
HSD90/HSD80+ Completely regular shape of Cubo-octahedron, nearly no impurity, high impact toughness and good thermal stability. The difference margin between TI and TTI is less or equal to 2. The wear resistance could reach up to similar grade products from top companies over the...
Group: Diamonds artificial
Diamond tools
In stock 
外径:φ100mm 内径:φ14mm、φ16mm 粒度:30# 特点:干磨、简便、效率高 适应范围:超硬耐火材料、高硬花岗石。
Group: Diamond tool
PCD & PCBN Tools
In stock 
Super hard tools machine cylinder body: 1. It can get perfect quality of the work piece surface. 2. The cutting can instead the grinding, greatly improve your production efficiency and reduce your cost.
Group: Diamond tool
DMP935 Floor Polishing Machine
In stock 
DMP935 Multi-Funciton Floor Polishing Machine Usage: used for grinding, polishing and anew repolishing of various stones, terrazzo, flooring tiles etc. Diameter: φ350mm Speed: ≈900r/min Power: 5.5KW Weight: ≈200kg
Group: Equipment for the production of sauce
In stock 
用途:适用于建筑基础、各种回填基础、道路、广场等的夯实,管道沟槽的压实及沥青混凝土路面的修补。 型号 振动频率 振幅   激振力  行进速度   爬坡能力  夯板面积  电机功率 HZD200 48Hz   ≤3.0㎜ 16kN   6~16m/min  ≥20%   0.20㎡   3.0kW HZR200 48Hz   ≤3.0㎜ 16kN   6~16m/min  ≥20%   0.20㎡   4.8kW(6.5ps)
Group: Plate vibrators
In stock 
Group: Special-purpose vehicles, emergency vehicles
In stock 
最大钻孔直径: Φ250mm 最大钻孔深度: 550mm 主轴速度: 700-900r/min 发动机功率: 4.1kw/5.5hp 整机质量: 136kg 外形尺寸: 1000mm×760mm×1050mm
Group: Drilling machines


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